Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Loss In Our Family

On Sunday May 24, 2009, our family lost a loved one. Gabriel Jaden Coates 3 1/2 years young lost his life on a camping outing in the Mt. Shasta Wilderness. Gabriel, a very vibrant and curious little boy, kept his father busy as well as entertained as most children at that age do. The link below this posting will take you to the blog about our family member and has more detail about donations needed for the burial costs. The Northwest Blvd Auctions Team (Family) would like to thank the diligent efforts to raise money for Gabriel's Family in their time of need. The Rainbow Gathering Group has gathered donations to help the family and have gained our deepest appreciation for their continued efforts. THANK YOU!!

Angels for Gabriel

I found this fascinating quote today:

Today is the deadline to pay for the coffin. We still need a total of $650.00 so please keep on with your fund raising efforts. Donations can be made over the phone by credit card directly to the funeral home today. After this evening, please send all donations by paypal or direct bank deposit. The remaining funds raised will go to the cemetery for plot and burial services.Angels for gabriel, Angels for Gabriel, Jun 2009

You should read the whole article.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dot Coms Announced For New Payment Gateway

As we mentioned earlier in the week, we would be announcing and polling two dot com names for a new payment gateway. The gateway will operate in the same fasion as paypal and will launch May/June 2009. We have posted this blog poll to several social media sites and hope you will participate in the poll. The goal is to assign the dot com name to the winner of the poll. So, with this being said, lets look at the names proposed for the new site.



Granted they are close in nature of their names, but it is our goal to have one chosen and launched once the poll is over. We will also have a temporary page up for each dot com with the logo. We are hoping this will give a visual for the sites look, web presence, and marketability. Northwest Blvd Auctions will be the first site with the integration of the gateway and we will start to market the product further once it is launched. We hope this will be widely accepted and should be as another alternative payment source for buyers and sellers. The poll will be closing March 1, 2009.

Also keep in mind this site will start providing jobs as it grows and evolves on the web. Lets kick this economy back into shape one client at a time. We hope you will follow this as it unfolds and draws to a conclusion. May the best dot com win. Be sure to bookmark the blog and the sites for updates on the progress. We will try to get a delicious bookmark link added as well as links to other social media sites that may be of interest to you. Tell a friend by emailing the link to this blog. Thank you for participating!!


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poll For New Payment Gateway Name

In the next week, we will doing a poll on a couple dot com names for a new payment gateway. Our goal is to have the visitors to this blog give their opinion about the best name to publish into a full blown payment processing site. Our target date is yet to be determined for the launch date but approximately May/June is where we will be setting a timeline for the start. We will post to twitter.com, facebook.com, myspace.com, and a few other social media sites.

We feel giving the power to choose to the visitors of this blog, is one way to set the stage for the site launch. We also believe it should be our goal to set the stage for the best fit name for the venue. Sure there are other payment venues out there, but most are obscure and little is known about them and there practices. Can we operate in the shadow of paypal? We think we can. Will we make our auction site clients use it and as the only payment form accepted to the site? NO! We want our site members to accept any legal form of payment to finish a sale.

We will launch the poll in a few days and announce the dot com names on that day. We hope to have logos viewable also, as we feel this will help give a visual for the released product. We hope you will join us to help decide the final product as it is being built for you. We will hopefully have the post started on February 23, 2009 at 12:01 am and will end the poll March 25, 2009 at midnight sharp. So bookmark the blog, tell a friend, or add the feed to keep up to date on our posts and announcements on this project and our future blogs.


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Economic Accountability- Flogging Bankers & Politicians

The current economy is a direct result of Bankers and Politicians raping the country to protect their interests and campaign backers. Granted this is a very powerful statement, follow the facts, your state Representatives are influenced by money power backing their campaigns. This influence comes at a cost to Americans, their homes, and their children. Small business also suffers the blunders of political and financial hidden agendas. They do things they say are in the interest of our country, and I say to them "PROVE IT"!

President Kennedy once said in a speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Very powerful statement and very motivating, and this put a charge to Americans. Fast forward to the present time and boy is it obvious what our country will do for us, to us, and without our best interest in mind. Bail out check? guess it is time to buy a jet plane with the free tax payers money.

It is time to flog the bankers and politicians that have caused this economic crisis. It all leads up to accountability and lack of accountability. Time to hold the banks accountable, time to hold politicians accountable. Corporate America, you need to pay your fair share of the taxes and stop looking for ways to get out of paying your due taxes. Politicians should be exposed for accepting leaverage contributions that allow this type of tax evasion for the Corporate sector. Obama had made a statement about having certain members pay their taxes, and there was another Politician that was quoted saying he had narrowly escaped being in that part of the government. Are you serious? Publicly stating to America your glad you did not have to pay your taxes? or get stuck having to pay them? That takes balls, but it also puts it all into perspective how Americans are being abused by our own government and corporations.

To Be Continued.....


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is The Online Giant Ebay Failing?

Is the internet giant failing? As an occasional seller on that giant (basically they gave us our start), we have seen a number of items come up with their policy that would leave you just scratching your head in wonder. The new DSR (Seller Rating), Feedback Policy, and the one of most recent, Paypal Only sight. They literally shot themselves in the foot with the last Policy change.

I think the answer to the question is yes. Is it to late to make some changes and get a comeback? Some speculators would say Yes it is a little late. With the economy being what it is, more people should listing items for killer bargins, but that is not the case. The stock for the giant is going lower and lower as the confidence in the site is dwindling. Some would ask me why would you care if they fail? You have a simular site format. My answer is simple; I do not so much want to see the sight fail. My reason for the statement is also simple, knowing to some degree ebay has the market cornered for its genre and market presence. The traffic the site gets is also very incredible, so knocking the site down a few notches may help a competitor come up in the ranks for volume.

Lets be real, monopolies rarely last. Having a competitor in the market place helps with the checks and balances, and keeps things competitive for the buyer and the seller. Should we be concerned with all these corporate businesses starting to fail? Yes, we should be concerned with this issue, but we need to also look at the bigger picture and get tougher than the economy. One day at a time will give the tell tail signs in the market.


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